Comodor Chopper Roller

The Comodor III with an effective working width of 2.90 m is a 3-point tool that can be attached at the front or at the rear of the tractor. If it is attached at the front, the standard stone protection hood helps to keep stones and root material away from the tractor

The Comodor III works on a knife’s edge and can be used in very different ways:
To get this straight: There usually is no smooth cut. It rather is a mechanical breaking or crushing of harvest residues or growth.

Stubble cultivation surely is the most obvious application of the double knife roller. The main tasks are: break the stubbles open, crush them and take up the harvest residues again without penetrating the soil too deeply to avoid burying the volunteer cotton.

An operational speed of up to 20 km/h

A high operational speed and relatively dry, compact soil is essential for the destruction degree of the maize stubbles. Thus, the knife roller can cultivate the stubbles even more intensely.

Comodor chopper is an ideal machine when it comes to post-harvest tillage. It helps to shred plant residues in the fastest and most efficient way possible. The advantages of using this machine are numerous, especially when we talk about the speed of movement that can withstand speeds greater than 12 km / h. After passing this machine, it is much easier to perform other operations such as plowing, plowing, preparation. As a result, we will have less problems with plant residues that remain on the surface.


Technical Details

Comodor III Technical Data

Working Width ( m)

Transport width (m)

Transport Height  ( m)

Weight (kg)

Roller Dia Ø cm 

2,90 3,00 1,20 915 30